Advanced SystemUI

SystemUI replacement for the Nokia N8x0 tablets
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version 0.6.0 fixes bugs ** now works without CSSU ** audio lock button ** brightness presets ** battery widget charging animation ** setting to invert devlock keypad ** devlock swiping ** install/upgrade notice


version 0.5.9 fixes bugs ** user-defined color themes ** drain/cpu/wifi/bluetooth in statusbar applet ** window sliding


version 0.5.8 fixes bugs ** has proper powerbutton support including double tap actions ** battery applet sounds ** MCE settings page ** sounds level button ** replaced blanking webpage with a buttons page


version 0.5.7 fixes several bugs ** user defined button placement ** screenshot button ** power_action setting ** time_in_state percentages on governor/DSP dialog ** battery graph enhancements


version 0.5.6 contains multiple bug fixes, battery usage widget, battery graph and more statusbar states


version 0.5.5 fixes bugs


version 0.5.4 fixes bugs


version 0.5.3 fixes bugs, includes alarms support and service control


version 0.5.2 contains multiple fixes and minor enhancements


version 0.5.1 fixes bugs, has a popup clock and requires a secondary key to unlock with power button


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version 0.5.0 fixes bugs, has statusbar applets to launch ASUI, GTK settings app, enhanced lock/blank/secure buttons, DSP ratio for Diablo Turbo kernel, USB widget, swap space and many more enhancements


version 0.4.7 fixes bugs, supports dpad locking and can lock/unlock the device with a code ** updated all screenshots and added some new ones


version 0.4.6 fixes bugs and shows the wifi IP address


version 0.4.5 fixes bugs, properly restarts when upgraded, adds theme button and asui convenience script


version 0.4.4 fixes bugs, adds bluetooth visibility and support for more wifi and audio services


version 0.4.3 fixes bugs and adds a charging runlevel toggle button


version 0.4.2 fixes several bugs and toggles widget page with the home/swap key


version 0.4.1 fixes bugs introduced in 0.4.0


version 0.4.0 fixes several bugs ** reduces process viewer flicker ** user defined widget placement ** primary and secondary widget pages ** dropbear ssh support ** openvpn support ** screen blanking prevention for flashlight and fullscreen clock


version 0.3.0 fixes several bugs ** double tap services ** many changes to brightness and volume widgets ** swipe to close fullscreen clock ** long press governor to open ** /etc/asui-svc file


version 0.2.9 has a border around its larger mute button ** volume slider changes don't unmute ** long press flight mode button stops ssh/wifi/bluetooth/gps services ** fixed service when run while device is off but charging ** short and long press markers ** buttons are highlighted orange when long pressed ** updated screenshots


version 0.2.8 adds volume muting and more brightness levels


version 0.2.7 has several minor improvements and fixes a segfault when setting the governor


version 0.2.6 adds white theme support, theme switching with ambient light changes and fixes the 0.2.5 startup segfault


version 0.2.5 can show battery idle time and adds some configurable options


version 0.2.4 fixes several bugs


version 0.2.3 reduces cpu usage, fixes several bugs and process viewer can now be used to kill tasks


version 0.2.2 fixed power button and locking issues, widget changes for volume, wifi and bluetooth


version 0.2.1 has some cosmetic changes to the battery widget, fixes the memory leak when rotating screen, works on n800 and changes battery charging status immediately


version 0.2.0 now runs as a service and is toggled with the power button ** escape button restarts the service ** battery charging status ** merged lock(long press) and lock&blank(short press) into a single button ** hardware rotation buttons no longer close dialogs


version 0.1.2 shows the real cpu usage instead of one minute load average, displays cpu usage per process in the process viewer and fixes the auto refresh timer to refresh at 10 seconds instead of twice that ** updated process list screenshot


version 0.1.1 disables the ssh widget when the service isn't installed, adds in the memory used by the bluetoothd-service-audio and bluetoothd-service-input processes and highlights managed services in the process viewer ** fixed the source tarball so it doesn't dump all files in current directory ** added list of services per service widget on about page


created project page with source tarball, install file and screenshots