Advanced SystemUI

SystemUI replacement for the Nokia N8x0 tablets
asui project page

This application is for Maemo4 (N8x0) and shouldn't be run on the N900

Advanced SystemUI is in the extras-devel repository.
You will also need to install the Diablo SDK/Tools repository if application manager can't find libxpm4.

You will need to install the Diablo Community SSU to get rotation support.
An update will appear after installing the Community SSU repository, install it.

The Diablo-Turbo kernel is not required but adds DSP ratio support (supported by ASUI),
improves responsiveness and fixes touchscreen issues.

Packages prior to 0.5.0 can be found here.
0.5.0 and later packages can be found here.

156.4kBsource code for latest version
1.4kBarchive containing unreleased color themes
run 'asui dc' to download and install
9.7kBasui convenience script
run 'asui uu' to download and install
204.4kBbinary containing unreleased features
run 'asui dt' to download
574.3kBbinary containing unreleased features
has debug symbols and generates log files
run 'asui dd' to download
118.5kBmatchbox-swipe debug package
10.9kBmatchbox-swipe patch
76.2kBmatchbox-swipe package README
4.3kButility program to set the backlight from 1-127 on n800 or 0-127 on n810
9.1kButility program to launch apps when the screen is tapped, see source for usage
4.4kBsource code to launch apps when the screen is tapped
57.2kBbinary containing unreleased settings features
run 'asui ds' to download
19.6kBarchive containing unreleased statusbar features
run 'asui da' to download and install
1.9kByoutube-dl helper script
see REQUIRED and USAGE sections in script
44.4kBxclip 0.12
apt-get install libxmu6
1.7kBsource code to set backlight